When LLULO began, I knew I had to figure out a way to give back to my home country. I believe Nigeria is one of the most talented places on the planet and I want you to meet some local artisans that I've met along this journey. They are integral parts of the LLULO team. Find our more about them below.
-Michelle Olomojobi
Mr. Jimoh: He's a quiet boss. He makes magnificent furniture! He has a team of young guys that he has taught to also make magnificent furniture. He is humble and honest. I'm happy to say that he is apart of the LLULO Nigeria team. LLULO furniture is in the works!
Mr. Daodu makes all my Leather Africa Pillows. He's also quiet and doesn't complain with my crazy deadlines. Know that when you order your Leather Africa Pillow, it was made with love by Mr. Daodu, in Lagos. 
Gbenga always has a smile on his face. In this photo is is cutting material for a chair he is making. He also helps with the Leather Africa Pillows.